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Here you will find the latest technology in heat pumps. Geothermal, air to water and air to air, from brands such as Panasonic, Bosch, Nilan and Metro. More than 45,000 heat pumps have been installed in Maine homes and businesses over the past five years. They are the most popular heating system across all Maine efficiency discounts because they offer highly efficient heating, air conditioning and dehumidification. Efficiency Maine offers discounts on heat pumps to private, low-income and business customers.

Heat pump outdoor unit

How do they work?

Heat pumps consist of an outdoor unit connected to one or more indoor units by means of a line set that carries heat between the two. Heat pumps are able to provide efficient heating in cold climates even at outdoor temperatures as low as -15 ° F

The market's  quietest heat pumps

AVDO 3/4 muffe-nippel ligeløbende 0,05-0,50 bar. tilslutning Rp 3/4 - R 3/4
1.293,50 kr.
(inkl. moms)
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AVDO er en selvvirkende regulator til varmeanlæg med for eksempel lette gaskedler. Afhængig af anlægstype anvendes AVDO enten til at opretholde min. gennemstrømning i kedlen eller til differenstryksregulering i anlægget. AVDO leveres som samlet regulator med ventilhus med indvendigt muffegevind, indvendigt muffegevind/nippel eller udvendigt gevind til klemringstilslutning.